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Sri Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training (SYTT200)

The Sri Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training

This has important information for you If:
1) you are considering taking a Sri Yoga 200 hr Teacher Training,
2) have graduated from an SYTT200 hr program
3) have a yearning to take your spiritual practice deeper and develop new skills for new time



Sri Yoga sets the stage for your own personal transformation journey, and offers you more than a generic out of the box teacher training. In this training you will learn:

  • Foundational teachings such as Yoga Sutras, Samkhya philosophy, Prana, Shakti, Ayurveda, Subtle Essences, Gunas, Chakras, Kundalini, Prana Vayus, Bioenergetics of Asana.
  • How to grow and sustain a personal practice.
  • How to construct a yoga practice to address specific physical and energetic needs. 
  • How to teach a yoga class and know what asana, pranayama and meditation techniques fit together.
  • The Sri Yoga teaching blueprint.
  • How to celebrate your unique voice! You will learn how to weave your passions off the mat with your practice on the mat. Your yoga life and your "real" life don't need to be strangers any longer! 
  • How to weave in your spiritual practices. Sri Yoga is inclusive. It is designed to amplify and improve the value and efficacy of whatever spiritual practices you are drawn to practice. The schedule is designed to give you enough time off screen, yet still give you the opportunity to feel “immersed" in this transformational training.



We've got some curriculum updates that make this training even more  exciting, and relevant, to our changing times!

  • Expanded Anatomy curriculum! This does NOT mean you have to memorize bones and muscles! You know that's not how we roll. Instead, we are proud to partnering with Amy Mathews (one of my functional anatomy teachers!) and Leslie Kaminoff by offering their Yoga Anatomy online course as part of your SYTT curriculum. Market value, this course is worth about $500, and will be YOURS to access for 1 full year! You will be a able to watch and learn from the fantastic videos outside of your classroom hours, then receive follow up support during scheduled class times. 
  • We have added more extensive sections on "Do No Harm" practices which touch on trauma sensitivity. 
  • Updated and expanded the Business of Yoga section to reflect the current times. You will get perspectives from 3 different studio owners who have been navigating these rapid changes in the yoga world. 
  • You will also receive more instruction on meditation, and have the opportunity to practice yoga nidra more regularly.
  • You will have access to the class recordings for practice and review on a website during the training. 



YES! Glad you asked!

  • Because the training is all online, you will have access to re-visiting different topics! Let me know what you are interested in attending, let me know, and I'll make sure you get a link for the day!
  • And if you LOVE ANATOMY - I can get you the entire online Yoga Anatomy course that you can use for a whole year for just $297!


So join me, Nick Palladino-KIng, Eileen Gulik and Alex Holiday as your lead teachers for Unicorn SYTT 200 2021! Special topics instructors Mackenzie StudebakerLauri Smith, and Stephanie Chee Barea  will help round out your training. 

Registration Investment

Super Earlybird - $2900 by December 15, 2020
Earlybird - $3300 by Jan 31, 2021
Regular Tuition - $3500 starts on Feb 1, 2021

***BlPOC scholarships available
No refunds unless training is cancelled by Sri Yoga.

REGISTER via PayPal Jean@jeanmazzei, or Venmo @jean-mazzei 

Need a payment plan? Want to set up a Crowd Fund? Register through the Green "Sign Me Up" button! (credit card fees apply)

Nick Palladino-King says, "RUN DONT WALK! This is a great opportunity to study with my teacher and mentor. Get the goods from the ground up!"  

If you are an SYTT 200 graduate and teacher, and you have students who you think are ready for this deep and transformational training, and who you think would benefit being around a "Unicorn" in person (me), this is a great time to let them know about this unique opportunity!