200 Hour SYTT Program Application Form

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1. Name and Address

2. Cell Phone (or best way to contact you quickly):

3. Emergency Contact

4. Date of Birth

5. How long have you been practicing yoga?  Please describe your

personal  yoga practice.

6. What yoga style or method have you practiced?  Do you prefer a

certain style?

7. Do you have another job?  If so, please describe.

8. Are you teaching yoga now?  Where? Approximately how many

hours per week?

9. Why are you interested in this training?  What do you hope to gain

from this experience?

10. Please describe your physical health history. Current medications?

11. Please describe your emotional and mental health.  Current medications?

12. List activities, hobbies, interests.

13. List anything else you would like us to know about you.

14. How did you hear about the Sri Yoga Teachers Training and Sri Yoga Retreats?


Payment Information

Please make all checks payable to Jean Mazzei. Returned checks are subject to $35.00 fee.

PayPal jean@jeanmazzei.com

Venmo @Jean_Mazzei

Or register here:   https://tri.ps/PDpPY


______ $2900 SuperEarlyBird  - due Dec 15, 2020

______ $3300 Earlybird - Due Jan 31, 2021

______ $3600 Regular Tuition - Due by Feb 22, 2021

______ Payment plan available for additional $250 ($3600 tuition + $250 = $3850)