The Love Lab continues


The Love Lab is a study series with master teacher Jean Mazzei that entices you to explore your essential nature: unconditional love. Each series flirts with a different aspect of love to dissolve your conditions as you learn to prove your constant access to this omnipotent force through your embodiment of it. 

Exploring Self Love with Jean goes way beyond tips like get more frequent facials (not that theres anything wrong with that!), as she helps you understand your Self in a way where Self Love just makes sense!

Jean is an expert in Self Love and has tried everything she teaches on herself. She knows the techniques work and so do those who have studied with her. Now you can benefit from her years of experimenting and research, and fast forward to getting results now! Remember, with love, ANYTHING is possible! Flexible packages empower your inner scientist to customize the intensity and mode of your study.

The Love Lab offers monthly in-person and online gatherings featuring satsang, asana, pranayama and meditation.

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In yoga, you are the scientist, the lab and the experiment.

In yoga, you are the scientist, the lab and the experiment.

EXPERIMENT: Continuing the Connection - Getting Bigger with Self Love


Lab Dates

Digital Only until 2019



Think Tank dates and info:

Digital Only until 2019


Each monthly lab features: 

  • Satsang
  • Asana
  • Pranayama 
  • Meditation
  • Video recording of the lab

Study Topics - Part 2

  • My light is getting bigger. How do I expand my current reality to receive love from myself and others in a bigger way?
  • Unpacking ego: How do I manage my ego? How does my ego serve me?
  • Am I hiding from my own light?
  • Now that my light is bigger, what changes am I willing to acknowledge around me?
  • "Getting Bigger" isn't what I thought it was going to be! Help!
  • How do I start to find more connection with myself?


Report your findings and advance your insights with Jean’s online support between labs:

  • Monthly one-hour think tank via video conference featuring offerings such as satsang, Q&A, pranayama, meditation and yoga nidra
  • Video recordings of think tanks


$75 | One-Night Stand 

  • One month of Love Lab Session, Think Tank, and both recordings

$145 | Long-Distance Relationship (digital only)

  • Video recordings of monthly* lab sessions
  • Monthly online think tanks (first Monday of each month) 
  • Video recordings of monthly think tanks
  • Zoom link for "real time" attendance

$222 | Getting Serious (labs only)  

  • Monthly in-person Lab sessions
  • Video recordings of monthly lab sessions 
  • Zoom link for "real time" attendance

$333 | All In

  • Monthly in-person Lab sessions
  • Video recordings of monthly lab sessions for practice and study
  • 5 monthly online Think Tanks (first Monday of each month) 

This online discussion format gives you an opportunity to get “up close and personal” with Jean! You’ll get to ask your individual questions and have them answered, as well as receive bonus content and a customized meditation. Jean’s private sessions are $185 and up, so the street value of this teature is around $800!

  • Video recordings of monthly think tanks for practice and study
  • Zoom link for "real time" attendance

$45 | First Date (drop-in, space permitting)

  • One in-person lab session (no recordings)


Love Yourself More Unconditionally! Find Connection, Unpack Ego, Shine Brighter! 

*SIGN UP ONLINE  or mail a check to Jean Mazzei, 845 South Oregon, Jacksonville, OR 97530