"... a powerful stamp in a crowded field."  
          ---- Progression Magazine

A diverse and dynamic performer. Jean Mazzei is equally entertaining whether fronting her rock band Flying Venus, playing a jazz gig, or performing her solo acoustic 'caffeinated folk rock.' Captivating audiences with both her magnetic stage presence and commitment to the art and craft of songwriting, she has appeared on the Bay Area’s premier stages including The Little Fox Theater and The Boom Boom Room and released five full-length Cd's. Her song “Face of a Nation” (Flying Venus, 2006) won 4th place in the Unisong International Song Contest (LUNCH category), while her latest CD release, 2008’s “Breathing Under Water,” produced by Grammy nominee Ronan Chris Murphy has aired on more than 70 radio stations nationwide. A life-long student of yoga, Jean has twice traveled to India to study with Pandit Rajamani Tigunait,  leads international workshops, and teaches her own "Rock Star Yoga" at several Bay Area studios where she inspires others to 'bring it!' both on, and off, the mat.
What others are saying about Jean Mazzei's music:

" ...a matchless voice and an even more unique musical arrangement... abstract and distinct." —Kendra Beltran, Bryan Farrish Radio Promotions

"Mazzei’s album is a testiment to singer-songwriters who don’t need to stay stuck in the mold of indie, acoustic folk songs." —Gilli Moon, Songsalive!

"Jean's voice is a sleek sultry sound that is pure listening pleasure," — Heather Burke, Raven Entertainment

"Jean Mazzei has something audiences will really dig!" -- Kurt Elling, Blue Note Recording Artist

“eclectic and smart” —Jon Flannagan, Radio and Retail

"Suzanne Vega meets Radiohead!"

Here's a link to a video of "Big Girls Don't Cry" by  Geeta Malik-

Breathing Under Water reveiw

Progression Magazine, April 2010  

Her tuneful Rindy Ross cum Liz Phair pipes enveloped in a sparse bed of post/alt production, indie pop diva and former Rolling Stone cover girl Jean Mazzei has ditched her neo-punk externalizations, rotated her neural bulbs 180 degrees inward, and forged a collection of deeply personal confessions and lighthearted nearly-a-cries.
Which comes as some surprise to those who reveled in her brash, yet schooled urgency, and Anne Lamott-approved knack for describing imperfect situations perfectly on Face of a Nation. Here, the pace is more relaxed, and those grungy guitars whirr and scrape with a somnambulistic serendipity, serving as arabesque abstractions rather than hard statements. Jay Terrien contributes ghostly fretless bass on three tracks, including the epic-length title cut, a metaphor for adapting to adversity.
... it makes a powerful stamp in a crowded field. -- John Patrick

Breathing Under Water review by Gilli Moon

 Jean Mazzei

“Breathing Under Water” CD

“BREATHING UNDER WATER marks a big leap forward on my journey as a songwriter.” Jean Mazzei writes on her website. “With this album, I feel like I have come home, trusting and listening to my voice as an artist.” The tongue twister first song “A Bad Luck Black Cat & a Ladder” is an interestingly groovy and melodic guitar driven song that talks of black cat bad luck as a metaphor for being alone. She twists the tale (tail?) weaving in and out of her loneliness story through her cat needs. It’s quite a humorous yet poignant song. With the excellent touches of grammy nominated producer onan Chris Murphy, Jean Mazzei’s album is a really cool and hip sounding album, with sonic textures and interesting guitar sounds.
Her second song “Big Girls Don’t Cry” is a somewhat melancholy and introspective song, entrancing with the sounds she uses. Third song, “Lost in the Chaos”, is like an opening to a 9 Inch Nails song, the distorted guitars and loops are very hard edge, and with her voice, it has a touch of Portishead. I really enjoyed listening to this song, because the sounds were so different. Again, she has a melancholic overtone, and I feel that this theme is somewhat relatable to any individual who deals with the pressures and stresses of life, lost romance, chaotic work life and such. Jean Mazzei’s album is a testiment to singer-songwriters who don’t need to stay stuck in the mold of indie, acoustic folk songs. She has taken relatively sensitive songs to a new place with the production and sonic textures and it’s worked. Please go check out Jean’s album at

- Gilli Moon

Face of a Nation review

 Face of A Nation is a soulful album with a funky
undertone that makes you glad you picked up this

Jean's voice is a sleek sultry sound that is pure
listening pleasure, accompanied by the ideal
instrumental groovy. Making Face Of A Nation a
must have for your cd collection.

My favorite tracks on this cd are Long Road To
Memphis and Kinda Like U although I didn't find a
track on this cd I didn't like. These two songs just
happen to speak to me. You will find while listening
to Face Of A Nation that the album has a pure
ambiance about it that flows from one song to the

Leaving you eager for your next taste of what
Flying Venus has to offer!

Heather Burke, Raven Entertainment

Face of a Nation review

 ... Face of a Nation will hit you with an edgy flair that is not often heard. This one is sure to add some zing to your music library!"

Georgia Moncrief
GoGirls E-Magazine
Nov 2007

Junior's Cave Interview