Jean is a powerful teacher; she hits people right at that sweet spot - which varies for everyone - and facilitates their awakening to something more... I love her!

Loren Crawford, Certified ParaYoga Instructor

Student Testimonials

"Working with Jean has not just changed my life, it has completely transformed it. 

I found Jean at a time in my life when I had checked all of the boxes of what success and happiness were supposed to look like but I was stuck, bored and unfulfilled.

Jean has been my guide, confidant, business advisor and mentor since the first time I walked into her classroom. Within minutes of being in her presence, I knew she was the teacher I had been in search of for a very long time.

As a teacher, Jean has taught me how to be the best I can be and how to also bring out this same quality in my student's abilities. She has taught me how to use yoga as a tool to transform my health, my happiness and the world around me, I have yet to come across a better yoga teacher. 

Through yoga and more so consciousness training, Jean has shown me how to create the life I desire in all ways and I would say that my life is "on fire" as a result of all she has taught me about relationships, money and love. Before I met Jean, I had little money in my pocket and even less love in my heart. Seven years later, I am free of physical pain, successful on many planes of existence, driven by purpose, happily married and co-founder of one SF's fastest growing health and wellness companies- Tribe SF

I would recommend Jean to anyone looking to develop a deep sense of self-love, joy and purpose in their life. And I would especially recommend her for any teacher looking to take their career and knowledge to the next level of purpose and prosperity."

Nick Palladino-King
Co-founder and CEO | Tribe SF


"I’d like to highlight some growth, healing and support programs that I have personally taken & been transformed by, taught by my teacher @sririfficjeanmazzei .

I look for teachers who don’t have an agenda. Who are willing and wish to be found by word of mouth vs advertising funnels. It feels deeper and more sincere. But mostly - Jean has been a teacher who shows me everything she is learning - and trusts me (even though it’s taken me 10 years to arrive at the beginning of understanding) to hear it, and change.

I look for teachers who don’t dilute reality - and don’t spit out and speak old realities. I look for teachers who are HERE. NOW. And who teach me what it is to do that.

I look for teachers who have done the work, and teach non judgement. And tell me it’s ok to do less because of the goldmine that’s found in the space within.

And I love my teacher. Tomorrow she’s hosting a virtual “jumpstart January” which focuses a year after a year...I love this workshop.

And if you’re searching for something deeper, I suggest a 200 hour yoga teacher training - far from the cookie cutter normal, but one that she teaches and runs and gets some amazing help from my DPT buddy @eileenasana, amazing yogi @holidayyogini and coach @nickpalladinoking.

I also highlight she teaches one or two virtual AGELESS classes a week @themindfulbody which is my now-virtual home studio and run by the most beautiful spirited owner I’ve had the privilege to know and love @mailesivert. So many amazing teachers here - and you can join online any time.

I share this because my journey started with a similar post from someone I had watched change and grow long ago - and when you find the REAL TRUTH in teachings - it’s important to shout it from the rooftops. Because in this day and age, I think truth is not so easy to find...

If you felt called by any part of this post - don’t ignore that voice. Follow up. Even if it is a message to me, or heading over to Jeans website and checking out her free meditations.

Honor the soul in YOU. There’s always time for that.

Cynthia Koch
ERY-500, student DPT


Hi friends, over the last 8 years I've gone through ENORMOUS growth in large part thanks to the guidance and mentorship of my teacher Jean Mazzei.

When I first met Jean, I had no idea that I was looking for a teacher, or the impact that she'd have on the trajectory of my life.  But when I stepped foot into her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program back in early 2013, my life was forever changed in the best possible way.

Up until I met Jean, teachers for me were mostly about passing along knowledge.  But with Jean, I learned how to find my own deeper truths.   And in my mind, that's the mark of a true teacher -- someone who helps you tap your own inner wisdom.

She has helped me step into deeper levels of authenticity with enormous courage.  And without the loving, non-judgmental spaces she creates, I doubt I could have made many of the counter-cultural moves I've made.

If you'd like to study with Jean, the last 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program she's probably ever going to lead will start in Feb.  If you'd like to learn more about the experience, there's an info session this Tuesday @ 6-7pm PT which I'll also be there for.  You can register for the info session here:

This Yoga Teacher Training program was probably the most powerful educational experience I've ever had.  Hands down, it was much more impactful than college or business school for me -- as it equipped me to learn to trust my own inner voice, align all parts of me, and show up with authentic power.

So if you want to go deep, this 200 Hour weekend program over Zoom will change you.

If you have questions, feel free to DM or email me!

Also, she teaches one or two virtual AGELESS classes a week @themindfulbody which is a beautiful studio, and you can join online any time.

I share this because my journey started with a similar post from someone I had watched change and grow long ago.  When you find something REAL and AUTHENTIC in teachers, it's worth shouting from the rooftops because... well... these days, truth isn't always so easy to find.

But that’s another discussion.

If you feel called by any part of this post -- don’t ignore that voice.  Follow up.  Even if it is a message to me, or heading over to Jean's website and checking out her free meditations.

Honor the inner voice in YOU. There’s always time for that.

Melissa Lau, graduate SYTT200, SYTT300 and more


"Consciousness for Life has been a life line for me this year. It makes me want to get out of bed in the morning. Thank you." 
Adrienne T. yoga student, business woman, human being dealing with Now

"Consciousness for Life is awesome! I felt like the offerings are exactly what I need and are there for me whenever I need them. I feel supported by you and the practices and often found clarity when I need it the most."
-M. Allen, Lake Tahoe, CA, SYTT graduate

"Thank you for changing my life. Love you and appreciate your influence more than you know! " 
-Phoebe L.

"Class was so amazing for me today. I feel light on my feet, able to hold more information, hold other people's energy and my own. During meditation,I had a glimpse of my future that I hadn't seen before. It filled me with hope and joy. Thank you."
-K. Martin, SF, CA

"She has inspired, encouraged, coached and mentored me like no other instructor before."
--Melanie Quinlan, national marketing director La Mer Skincare

"Jean helps you give permission to yourself to be who you are, to be gentle to yourself and reminders you always that you are enough.  She meets you where you are, no pushing, no judgement."
--Maria Worthge, SYTT 200 graduate

"Thank you for sharing the teaches in the way only you can and for modeling them with such strength, rawness, vulnerability, and fierce love.”
--Shelby Alexandar, SYTT graduate, co-founder

"Jean Mazzei is a true master teacher in every sense. She has an incredibly deep understanding of yoga and all aspects of the practice - physical, mental, emotional, and beyond. She is skilled in creating a loving, supportive, and inclusive space for all individuals to practice to their capacity. Her classes are so chock full of teachings, there is bound to be something in there for everyone! Jean's teachings have helped me connect to my intuition, learn more about myself, and love myself more deeply. Because of her, I'm able to connect to my deepest desires and feel confident following my intuition. She has truly changed me and I am forever grateful for her teachings and the resplendence she has brought to my life."
---A. S., San Francisco

 "When I started practicing yoga with Jean Mazzei, I was in constant pain. I have a herniated disk in my lower back, and at the time it was putting pressure on my sciatic nerve. Jean taught me how to build muscles deep in my core, to flex muscles that I didn't even know I had, through easy exercises and stretching. Now I am pain free almost all the time, and if do something to aggravate my back, I know how to fix it. Just a few years ago, I couldn't sit, stand, or lie down without being in pain. Now I am able to go on extended backpacking trips, rock climb, run, and swim without any restrictions. Practicing yoga with Jean gave me my body back, and I am very grateful."
----Elizabeth Terzakis., yoga student, Planet Granite Belmont

"I’ve had a consistent meditation practice since my Sri YTT. Shortly after, Jean created a beautiful offering called The Love Lab - juicy heart centered, self- love sessions that felt like a big warm hug each time we met! It was One of those feeling that reminded you of your worthiness & that everything would be ok. One of my favorite parts of the love lab were her “Monday morning meditations” via Zoom. I started each day with Jean’s loving energy & heart guidance, leaving me with that same beautiful feeling. To my excitement - now she offers a new meditation each week as part of her monthly subscription. Somehow it feels like she knows just what I need each week & infuses it with love!"
---Lori Ann, SYTT 200 graduate, SF Bay Area

"Jean Mazzei is the best yoga instructor on the Peninsula. Jean provides a rigorous class that literally and metaphorically stretches students of all levels from first-time beginner to advanced practitioner. Jean adds a joyful spiritual and motivational component to every class that makes each session more like a celebration of life and the human body than a workout. Jean takes the time to know each of her students individually and develops a comfortable, professional rapport with her classes."
--Michael Andrews, Senior Tech Writer VMware, yoga student

"Jean Mazzei goes against the mainstream grain, incorporating not-so–mainstream techniques into mainstream classes. Whether the class is full of fancy poses or the "simplest" sequences (simple perhaps to the on-looker, but threaded with extremely effective and result bearing nuances), I leave feeling more than greatly satisfied--I feel grateful."
---Keith Reuben, yoga student, Planet Granite Belmont

"Jean puts the "rock star" in Rock Star yoga! She blends her deep knowledge of yoga with creativity and fun in sequences that leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and grounded. Her personable, interactive teaching style is accessible to yoga students of all levels - from beginner to advanced."
---Michael Schilling, student, interior designer

TLI Testamonials

“I loved going deep in a group setting - where I was able to listen and learn form others, myself, as well as Jean. TLI allowed me to continually get present moment, digest this "new normal," and build trust and knowingness. I got something unexpected out of each session. This translated to my personal and professional life as more confidence, clarity, and ease. I have so much gratitude for Jean and others in our circle for holding the space of transformation and innovation!”

— Katie Gaudin, tech industry, SF, CA


“TLI is a remarkable value and experience. Having this container will be instrumental to you for your wellbeing, it will uplift everyone you interact with and support your unique purpose which we need in the world right now - so thank you for saying yes to yourself and all who will receive the benefits.” - Nicolette Tura

— Nicolette Tura Intuitive Guide | Life Coach, Yoga + Astrology


“My work with Jean and the TLI circle over the past six months has emboldened my ability to trust myself as a leader, and to trust the power of my own creativity, polishing how I see myself in the roles I inhabit as a yoga professional, practitioner, teacher, wife, mother, daughter and spiritual seeker. As someone who never felt like she "fit in" to the yoga industry or popular studio standard, self-doubt often clouded my confidence to truly do things differently. But throughout our time together, the TLI Circle helped me to clear these limiting patterns, allowing me to bravely embody and express my unique Self and all that I am. A master facilitator, Jean fearlessly holds the space non-judgement, so that we might see and know the fullness of our contributions to the world. So grateful for my time in TLI!” - Stephanie Chee Barea Founder, Her Festival Founder/Owner,

— Stephanie Chee Barea, Founder - Her Festival, Founder/Owner,

SYTT Testimonials

I had the pleasure of taking part in Jean Mazzei’s Sun, Moon, Fire training. Prior to beginning this training, I experienced an overwhelming shift in my life. I felt myself caught in a limbo full of stress and void of self-care. As we moved through each topic, I began to carefully examine my own patterns. Only minutes after the final training, abundance presented itself to me in the form of new clients. My initial instinct was to dive back into my world of rushed days ending with skipped meditations due to complete mental and emotional exhaustion. Instead, I found myself blocking out parts of my schedule for self-care and writing down what was essential for me to maintain a balanced and healthy life. I am so very thankful to Jean Mazzei for providing this training which was a powerful catalyst for change in my life. #doitdifferently

-Kaitln M, SYTT 300 candidate, middle school math teacher


I hope for more people to have the gift of the Sri Yoga 200 hour teacher training as it far, far exceeded all expectations I had when I signed up.  I gained insight about myself, my relationships with others and a wealth of techniques and resources that will support me through the rest of my life.  I feel equipped to face any situation that comes up with new support.  Jean teaches with joy, a deep knowledge of many branches of yoga with the theme of 'know about it and do whatever works' delivered with just the right balance of serious devotion and humor.  The information is presented so it can apply it to anyone’s lifestyle, whether you want to teach others or just live from a more full and authentic place.  The intimate class setting, the relationships I developed with my classmates and the inspiration to share what I know in all parts of my life has given me a new foundation for the rest of my life.  My days are unfolding with more ease and joy since the training and it feels so natural and it was always there for me and now I live open with access to it. This training is priceless..if you feel like it is for you..don’t hesitate, find a way to make it happen for you, you won’t believe you ever hesitated once you begin. 

-Hawley Riffenburg, 200 SYTT graduate


“The decision to enroll in the Sri Yoga Teacher Training was the best decision I've ever made in my life. Though I couldn't tell you exactly why I was drawn to their course, it didn't take more than ten minutes of our first class to convince me that I was exactly where I needed to be. To be in the room with Jean and Brenna is to feel the depths of your soul awaken, and to follow their direction is to realize the strength and grace that soul provides. It was truly a pleasure to witness the growth of my classmates over our month together, and the class's impact on my life has been profound. Words cannot express the respect and gratitude I hold for Jean and Brenna, two women unparalleled in their wisdom and intuition. Come to the training with an honest intention to learn about yoga and yourself, and you'll discover so much more.”

-Morgan Webb, 200 Hr SYTT graduate

 "The Sri Yoga Teacher Training gives you all the tools you need to live a more fearless and more joyous life. These tools come from the most ancient teachings, but are broken down in a way that anyone and everyone can understand. You will leave the training with some aspect of your life completely altered, and because of this you will be motivated to continue with your practice of shaping your beautiful life with the most supreme sense of joy. Once you've been exposed to these teachings, you will not be able to go back to old patterns of thinking and being that don't serve you--your only choice will be to move forward and evolve.

You become solid and confident in who you are and the clarity you gain will be evident to your students every time you teach. You come out of this training as the shining example for not only your students, but everyone that you come across in life--and for that, thank you.”

--Gina Rodondi, 200 and 500 hr SYTT graduate

The Sri yoga training literally changed my life. It brought me into balance so that I could create the space in my life for positive change. Before the thining I was very unhappy with my job and personal life. Now, not even 3 full months afterwards, all of this has changed - I have a new boyfriend, new job and time to focus on my personal goals and discover what truly makes me happy in this life. Jean's mantra's  are infectious (everything is perfect, no judgement, if it isn't fun, don't do it) and with repetition become stronger and stronger, creating new thoughts in the brain. These thoughts create new energy in the body, and lead to more prana and ultimately bring out your Big S self to share with the world.

-Eileen Gulik, graduate SYTT 500 Hr, Doctor Physical Therapy

“The Sri Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training was awesome! Not only was it a journey of self-discovery, I feel prepared to teach yoga in a way that helps my students experience the subtle aspects of the practice. Brenna and Jean are amazing teachers with valuable skills, insight, and grace and I feel extremely fortunate to have found them. They offer a great blend of training with a focus on the energetic qualities of asana, pranayama, and meditation. I think this focus really makes the training unique as well as valuable for teaching. I feel prepared to take my students on a journey in which they gain an awareness of their energy and how they can practice yoga as a way to manage it so they can live more joyfully and in tune with their true selves. I just can’t say enough about how this training has changed my understanding of yoga and influenced how I view my personal practice. Brenna and Jean are true lights in this world!”

-Danae Zytkoskee, 200 Hr SYTT graduate

“Jean and Brenna are true teaching professionals, inspirational educators and devotional practitioners of yoga.  Their passion for yoga is infectious and whether you just want to deepen your practice or if you are intending to teach upon completion of the program. The Sri Yoga Teacher Training Program allows you to rekindle that "Sri" - your natural radiant light - so that you can be the best you can be on and off the mat.”

--K.T., 200 Hr SYTT graduate

“Brenna and Jean have a connection and a true passion for the all the subject matter we covered. They inspired me to find my passion and helped me to see my true self and inner light!  I went into the course, looking to expand myself, knowing I would not apply for a teaching position. However, I have learned so much and found it so valuable, it would be a disservice not to share it with others. Without a doubt, I recommended the Sri Yoga Teacher Training program!”

--Andrea Cavallo, 200 Hr SYTT graduate

In a yoga world dominated by sweat and fitness, it was so refreshing to find a training program that focused on spirituality without being dogmatic.   I am so glad that I made the trek from Arkansas to learn from Brenna and Jean.  It was truly transformational and I hope that many more can share in this experience in the future.

--Lydia Jane Michaels, yoga, PiYo, Children’s Fitness, Sri Yoga 200 Hr graduate

Sri Yoga Retreats Testimonials

“Take yourself to anything Jean Mazzei – Sri retreat, training, yoga class. Jean knows what she teaches, practices what she preaches and you will be transformed.”
-- Margery Zirin, San Mateo

Jean is the best. Full of it – prana, shakti, energy galore! The practice was bliss every time and the spaces between were vitalized by the after glow. Anyone who is considering this could be missing out on the experience of a lifetime. I’m grateful to have made this journey part of my new reality.
----Rhonda Travis, Alberta, Canada

This was my second year at Jean’s retreat and I plan to return because no person has been as effective and deeply helpful to me as she has been. Jean is trustworthy, hilarious, profoundly insightful, and inspires positive changes with such humility and grace.
----Dr. Malika Burman, Dallas, TX

The week-long yoga retreat has gone by so fast.  The moment I arrived at Prana del Mar, I felt tremendously at peace. It has been absolutely amazing and certainly an experience I will never forget. Our teacher was fantastic; she really does not only work your body, but your mind as well. I feel cleansed, purified, filled with vitality, and now have a better understanding of how yoga leads to happiness and a peaceful state of mind. I loved the yoga, community fellowship and wonderful food. Thanks so much for making my experience so memorable.
---- Akiko Ko 

The Sri Yoga Retreat has been a phenomenal experience for me; it's build awareness and a path for me to go forward into my life and integrate the yogi style into my life and create more fullness for myself.
MARY-LEA, Alberta, Canada

It was an absolutely brilliant experience. I would encourage anybody to come out and try.
ROB, Alberta, Canada

“What is most amazing is to drink in the absolute stillness and rest of this place, knowing that your only obligation is to breathe and move…and eat! The food is incredible. Add to this the opportunity to work closely with Jean Mazzei. An amazingly real vacation from reality.”
TOM, San Francisco, CA


Employer Recommendations

 Jean Mazzei is one of my most senior instructors; having worked at Planet Granite Belmont since we opened in 2002. I’ve had the privilege of personally working with her for the last 3 years and found that she is a remarkable teacher who has helped grow and flourish our yoga program immensely. She has had continual success maxing out her class attendance (20+ students every class), getting rave reviews from both experienced and beginner students, and frequently bringing in new clientele through our doors. She is an integral part of my yoga program’s success due to her extensive knowledge, care, and experience within the yoga community. I would highly recommend Jean to any studio that is lucky to acquire her peppy personality and widespread teaching abilities.

– Lauren Sah, Planet Granite Belmont LLC., Yoga & fitness program director