6 months
6 people
Targeted Transformation

TLI is a 6 month advanced program for those unique beings who have been wanting "MORE." More from your yoga, more from your business, more from your life. 

We focus on changing internal paradigms which lead us to authentic external paradigm shifts. Change starts from within. So dive deep and see who you are NOW, put it into context of WHERE you are now, and in a supportive, non-judgmental container, DISCOVER new pathways. If you knew the pathway, it wouldn't be New, now would it?

Teachers, Leaders, and Innovators Circle #3.1 starting November 2022.  If you have already been practicing non-judgment and self-love, this may be the circle for you. Through the support and wisdom of community, break internal paradigms which will inspire breaking external paradigms. Change starts at home. And you don't need to do it alone. 

TLI 3.1 Dates:

Sundays 8:30-9:45/10

  • Nov 6, 20
  • Dec 4, 18
  • Jan 8, 22
  • Feb 5, 26
  • March 12, 26
  • April 16, 30

Plus you schedule one 45min private with me per month (1 a month for 6 months) on Calendly. (Calendly will be updated in October showing times open to TLI circle members)

You are a candidate for the TLI Circle if:

  • You are already out there doing “high level” work
  • You are already practicing self love and non-judgement
  • You are committed to showing up for yourself as much as you are committed to showing up for others
  • You sometimes feel like a lone voice in a storm
  • You are beginning to realize the value of community as a way to expand your reality
  • You are looking to grow yourself, your message, and the reach of your teaching
  • You are seeking support in terms of ideas, accountability, and application of the teachings
  • You want to deliver your message in a clearer way
  • You are seeking a safe and inspiring place to share your stories, ideas, ask questions


Topics include (plus what you bring to the table!):

  • Connection inside and out
  • How to stay clear and stable as a teacher
  • Getting real with your capacity
  • How and what to address/include in your classes and your message
  • New business models -  how have you adapted? What working? What isn’t? Have you moved from one hamster wheel to another?
  • How to stay inspired and responsive to your inner voice of truth


This "lite" or really "light" program is for people who have already experienced the TLI 6 month program. This "lighter" version is no less potent, but helps Teachers, Leaders, and Innovators manage their precious resources even more specifically.

4 people
4 months
1 45-60 monthly group call
1 40 minute monthly private

Choose the program that's right for you!

TLI LITE suggested dates (suggested time - 8:30-9:30am PST)
Sunday Dec 11
Sunday Jan 15
Sunday Feb 5
Sounds March 12
note: since the group is small, these dates and times can be customized to suit everyone's schedule.

I loved going deep in a group setting - where I was able to listen and learn form others, myself, as well as Jean. TLI allowed me to continually get present moment, digest this "new normal," and build trust and knowingness. I got something unexpected out of each session. This translated to my personal and professional life as more confidence, clarity, and ease. I have so much gratitude for Jean and others in our circle for holding the space of transformation and innovation!”

— Katie Gaudin



  • 1 45 minute Zoom or phone private with me per month
  • 2 Zoom group calls per month (we will set the time together so all can attend). Calls will include discussion and specialized advanced guided practices led by me
  • Private Facebook group for continued discussion
  • Peer accountability and support

These potent blasts connect you to a Bigger Picture Consciousness using the power of community (it’s never outside of yourself after all!) as well as the individual one on one specificity that can change your reality in an instant.