Flying Venus Grows Up

 Flying Venus, the band. All the info you want will soon be here.

Jean Mazzei - singer, songwriter, lead vox, instigator
John Mazzei - keyboards, midi god
Fred Harris - drums for days
B.C. Cliver - lead guitar, backup vox
Clinton Day - big bass daddy
Dori Petrie - backup vox, beauty


Wild Heart Girl
Face of a Nation
Breathing Under Water


December 2001 - Jean writes a bunch of songs and starts to play her guitar again. she teams up with Frank Buhrmann and Rod Gilchrist to form the first inversion of still to be named Flying Venus. Other names considered: "the jeans" and "the holy diaphrams" and "soilent jean."

Jan 2002 - Frank, Rod, and Jean start practicing. Frank is still umemployed and has just had a new baby.

March 2002 - Frank and Jean start playing coffeehouses. Rod leaves the band because he's too busy. Jean keeps writing new songs.

April 2002 - John Mazzei joins the band on keyboards.

May 2002 - Fl;ying Venus has their first full band gig: Jean on lead vox and guitar, John on keys, Frank on bass, Elliot Nemzer on guitar, and Lyric on drums.

June 2002-Oct 2003 - Flying Venus plays lots of gigs and develops a fan base. Dori Petrie comes in as a backup singer. Frank leaves the band because he has a 60 hour work week and a baby boy. Rique joins the band. Rique leaves the band. Amelia joins the band on bass. Dana comes in as drummer. Flying Venus is ready to take off.

Oct 2003 - Wild Heart Girl CD release party at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco.

Nov 2003- Feb 2004 - Lots of gigs in San Francisco and LA.

March 2004 - Amelia leaves the band. Xavier comes in on bass. Flying Venus is getting ready to soar. Bigger and better gigs, more fans.

August 2004 - BC Cliver comes in on lead guitar. Kate Laws comes in for behind the scenes stuff. Flying Venus is going full steam.

January, 2005 - Fred Harris joins the band on drums.

Feb 2005 - Guy Lowman comes from England to work with us in the publicity and promotion department!

March 2005 - Guy goes back to the U.K. to spread the gospel of Venus.

May 2005 brings in Julie Clark as our official swag seller and research assistant, and Maria Halyna as our festival booker and public relations woman.

October 2005 - we start recording a new cd.

December 2005 - we've got 4 songs recorded and mixed for all the world to hear.

March 2006 - we finish tracking the cd.

April 2006 - Xavier leaves the band for personal reasons. the hunt for a new bass player begins.

May 2006 - Clinton Day comes in to save the day on bass.

October 2006 - We travel to Phoenix and So Cal, packed in a van with all the gear. Sardines anyone? AFter that, we have our official cd release party at the Little Fox Theater for FACE OF A NATION.

Nov 2006 -- the band takes a hiatus while Jean promotes Face of a Nation. she also starts writing material for a solo cd.

July 2007 - Jean goes to LA to track the cd. She works with Victor Bisetti (Los Lobos), Ian Sheridan (Jason Mraz), GE Stinson (Shadowfax.) They track 12 songs in 2 days. They also really liked the songs, so it was really fun and creative! Jean feels like she's home.

August 2007 - Jean goes down to track her guitar parts and lead vocals. She tracks the guitar in 2 days, and sings 13 songs in 2 days. Her producer, Ronan Chris Murphy said she was "a Machine!"

October 2007 - BREATHING UNDER WATER is finished. Flying Venus as a band dissolves, and Jean is free to fly solo, duo, or however many she wants, whenever she wants.

Jan 2008 - Jean pairs with Jon Flannagan (Radio and Retail) and launches national radio campaign. Starts to plan a small tour.

March 2008 - Jean is added to over 30 national radio stations!

May 2008 - Jean is added to over 70 national radio stations!

May-June 2008 - Jean plays NYC, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Willits, Phoenix.

August - starting to book local gigs again. Jean's birthday month. 1 more year baby!

December 2008 - Jean threatens to stop performing live. She's still going solo.

January 2009 -- Jean plays house concert in Washingon DC

March-April 2010 -- Jean and Deborah Crooks launch The Great Idea Tour  -- Jean is officially back on the books!

Review - Face of a Nation

 Face of A Nation is a soulful album with a funky
undertone that makes you glad you picked up this

Jean's voice is a sleek sultry sound that is pure
listening pleasure, accompanied by the ideal
instrumental groovy. Making Face Of A Nation a
must have for your cd collection.

My favorite tracks on this cd are Long Road To
and Kinda Like U although I didn't find a
track on this cd I didn't like. These two songs just
happen to speak to me. You will find while listening
to Face Of A Nation that the album has a pure
ambiance about it that flows from one song to the

Leaving you eager for your next taste of what
Flying Venus has to offer!

Heather Burke - Raven Entertainment Promotions